About Sandra

Sandra Johnson is a self-motivated individual who has an innate passion to work with people so that they can realise their fullest potential and know that no matter what they have to endure, they can still rise and lead a successful life. Sandra is a mother, grandmother, mental health advocate, survivor of domestic violence and founder of the Still I Rise (a non-profit) organisation that is created to serve the people of Grenada. Being that Grenada is an integral part of her heritage and upbringing, she felt a sense of duty to give back to the island.

The aim of Still I Rise, is to raise awareness about gender-based violence, provide support for the survivors of violence and remove the stigma surrounding mental health. She possesses both professional qualifications and significant experience in delivering information, advice and guidance to victims and sufferers.

Sandra is a warrior who has overcome a failed suicide attempt, but more importantly,   reclaimed her life after landing in a mental institute with a psychosis diagnosis due to years of abuse and severe depression. Having overcome 10 years of persistent domestic violence in silence, she managed to extricate herself 6 years ago; and with the help of supportive individuals and organisations, she has now reached the phase in her life where she is able to give back support to those experiencing domestic violence and emotional abuse in silence.

Sandra is a full time B.Sc. Criminology and Psychology student at London Southbank University and has chosen to study women’s experience of domestic violence in Grenada in July 2016 as part of her final year project.

She has spent several years working as a civil servant both in the Department of Education and Skills and the Department for Work and Pensions. Over the last 8 years she has contributed to the criminal justice system in the UK by working with the Youth Offending Team, London Probation Trust, and HMP Holloway Prison. Her roles include, challenging young people to change their antisocial behavioural patterns, by delivering activities on a one-on-one and group basis. She provides a holistic service to clients who want to access education, employment and enterprise opportunities.

Her professional development training includes motivational interviewing, Trade Union Mental Health Awareness, Gang Awareness Training,  Dynamics of Domestic Abuse & Best Practice Skills and Tools for Enabling Safe Disclosure, Risk Identification,  Engaging Domestic Abuse Perpetrators and Compendium of Good Practices in Training for Gender Equality.

One of Sandra’s greatest accomplishments of late was meeting with Grenada’s Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Dr Keith Mitchell and the Minister for Social Development, Housing and Community Development and sharing with them her vision for the Still I Rise organisation

Sandra was recently featured in Islepreneur